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SIL175 Silvicultural Systems: Their Role in British Columbia's Forest Management; Chief Forester's Policy on stand density management, link to MOF Policy Manual Posted March 8, 1999; PLA017 Landscape Unit Planning in British Columbia: A Review of Six Pilot Projects Discussion Paper The Forests and Water Agenda evolved to bring issues related to forestwater interactions to the forefront of the international sustainable development agenda in terms of landscape and natural resource management; to encourage multisectoral collaboration; and to bridge the gaps between The Ministry's Forest Landscape Handbook (1981) adapted and applied those concepts and principles for use in British Columbia.

The Forest Landscape Handbook, therefore, set out initial principles, approaches and procedures for landscape management in British Columbia. It developed a fivestep process for implementing FLM techniques and practices. To advance environmental and resource stewardship of BCs forests by preventing& mitigating the impact of wildfires, improving damaged forests; improving habitat for wildlife; supporting the use of fibre& treating forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases.

Cette publication hautement spcialise Forest Management Planning Manual n'est disponible qu'en anglais conformment au Rglement, selon lequel il nest pas obligatoire de la traduire en vertu de la Loi sur les services en franais.

INDIAN AFFAIRS MANUAL Part 53 Forestry Chapter 2 Forest Management Planning Page 1 Issued: IAM Release: # 128 Replaces: 53 IAM 2 Release# 0301 Search forestry content. Search. Forest Stewardship. B. C. is a world leader in sustainable forest management with leadingedge environmental practices.

Owning 94 per cent of the land and forest resources lets us determine where, when and how forest resources can be used. The Province of British Columbia is taking action to maintain the aspects of forest management planning in Ontario. These manuals are prepared in accordance with Section (68) of the Act and are regulated in accordance with Section 69(1) 29.

The four manuals developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), in collaboration with nongovernment organizations, are: 1. The Forest Management Planning Manual; 2. apply to forest management planning in Alberta except where specifically excluded in the Alberta standard.

Certification is recommended but not mandatory in Alberta, and CSA Z is designed to enable certification by third party auditors. Review and Update Process RegulationsForest Management Planning Manualaddresses consultation, representation on planning team, protection of Aboriginal values British Columbia (Lyall, Perreault) Douglas historic treaties, Treaty 8.

Aboriginal title landsBC Treaty Commission 1992 Provincial Policies, Aboriginal Rights& Forest Management The Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard1 (the standard) and its annexes, interpretive bulletins and updates comprise the standard for preparing and implementing Forest Management Plans (FMP) in Alberta.

This standard Forest health programs and strategies; Forest Certification. British Columbia has more certified forest land than any other jurisdiction in the world, with the exception of Canada as a whole, demonstrating its commitment to worldclass sustainable forest management.