Canvasser recruiter instruction manual

A Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) must be recalled for this period or more to be eligible for participation in the active duty examinations under this manual. The Enlisted to Officer Commissioning Programs Application Administrative Manual is known by this instruction number.

What instruction is the Advancement Manual for enlisted personnel of the U. S. Navy and the Navy Reserve? Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) personnel recalled with obligated service for 1 year or more. Which instruction provides info for enlisted personnel transition to officer status?

UNCLASSIFIED ROUTINE ADVANCEMENT MANUAL FOR ENLISTED PERSONNEL l. Canvasser recruiter personnel are ineligible for advancement to E7. 4. Competitive Groups. Candidates and commands share September 2018 Regular Exam Navy Counselor (NCR) (Recruiter) E6 Bibliography (Bib) Effective April 2018 NCR1 Occupational References BUPERSINST 1001.

40B, NAVAL BUPERSINST 1001. 40B PERS491 25 Oct 06 BUPERS INSTRUCTION 1001. 40B From: Chief of Naval Personnel Subj: NAVY RESERVE CANVASSER RECRUITER (CANREC) PROGRAM bupersinst 1001. 40b 25 oct 06 officer navy reserve canvasser recruiter application for official use only privacy sensitive from: to: via: Navy Personnel (1) Commanding or Reserve (2) Commanding Command (PERS491D) Officer, Navy Operational Support Center Unit Commanding Officer Officer, Navy Recruiting District Navy Recruiting Manual Enlisted 1130.

8J Updated to 27 June 2012 Here is the official Navy rule book for recruiting. These are the rules the recruiter must follow.

The Navy Reserve Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) program is designed primarily as a temporary recall program for production recruiters to execute the Navy Reserve recruiting mission.

The program is open for enlisted (E4 through E6) and officers (O1 through O3). Navy Recruiting Enlisted Manual CNRCINST 1130. 8J (VOLUMEI) (WITH CHANGE7), NAVY RECRUITING MANUAL Navy Reserve Canvasser Recruiter Program 'Keys to Success' 17 OCT 2012. MANUAL FOR ENLISTED PERSONNEL OF THE SECNAV INSTRUCTION 1650.

1H NAVY AND MARINE CORPS AWARDS MANUAL NAVY RESERVE CANVASSER RECRUITER PROGRAM presentation ideas in docslide Jun 01, 2018 september 2018 (cycle 240) navywide petty officer (e4e6) advancement examinations for usn, full time support, and canvasser recruiter sailors By Tony, May 2 in Navy Advancement Results, Exam& Bibs Forum A recent policy change allows Sailors with a PTS" Intends to Separate" status to participate in the upcoming March 2013 110 rows  Navy Reserve Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) Program: Manual for the Administration