Thumler model b manual brass cleaning

Home Cleaning Supplies THUMLER TUMBLER MODEL B. 11 of 11. will work with around 250 cases or more at a time The tumbler removes grime from your primer pockets and cleans your brass gently on the inside and outside of the case 15lb capacity It comes with a 5 year guarantee on the barrel and liner Works well with the Dave Mauer.

Thumler's 15lb capacity high speed Model B Brass Tumbler is designed for wet or dry tumbling. It can clean and polish approximatly 250 3030 cartridges using dry media or stainless steel pin media. May 03, 2018 Thumler's& Brass Cleaning Questions I used to use a RCBS dry tumbler which worked ok except the motors didn't last. 4 years average but I used to shoot every week.

I've been blessed with enough money to get something better and Thumler's was recommended. Thumler's 500 series media attacks only the oxidation without scratching, bringing cartridge cases, fish lures, coins and other metal objects to a gleaming finish without loss of metal.

Brass Jun 17, 2009 Thumlers Tumbler Question (Brass Cleaning) Registered Users do not see the above ad. I have a brand new Thumlers Model B tumbler.

I have never used media cleaning before. I put in 100 3006 cases after full length sizing. I tried 14 tub, then 12 tub, and finally ended up with 23 of a tub (barrel) of Crushed Walnut media. NOTE: Thumler's offers a high speed Model B that is designed for polishing brass. The high speed version's motor spins at 3000 rpm which is to fast for tumble polishing rocks.

The high speed version's motor spins at 3000 rpm which is to fast for tumble polishing rocks. Jan 09, 2013  We place a couple hundred brass cases in the tumbler, then charge it with about 60 ounces of crushed walnut shell media, seal the tumbler, run for We also stock a complete range of polishing accessories including epoxy deburring media, liquid brass cleaner, ceramic deburring and burnishing media, brass polish, rock polishing supplies, manuals Instructions for the Thumlers Rotary Tumblers Polishing rocks in the Thumlers Rotary Tumblers to include the Model T, AR1.

AR2 Rotary Tumblers and Model B 1. Fill barrel 12 to 58 full of stones. Pour in package marked COARSE (6090 grit) as per chart below. cleanup stage. Run tumbler with this mixture overnight. WASH STONES AND BARREL WELL. Aug 20, 2014 Shooters guide to the field disassembly, cleaning and oiling of the Thumler's Tumbler Model B. Thumlers heavyduty Model B tumbler has a largecapacity drum that easily handles up to 15 lbs. of material for highvolume runs to help you clean a lot of brass fast.

Used by serious reloaders, professional gunsmiths, and even industrial manufacturers for a variety of cleaning