Shiley trach care manual

to tracheostomy care. The handbook is intended as a guide to tracheostomy care and is not intended to be a complete text. It is hoped the handbook will be of value and assistance in instructing students and other personnel involved in care of the tracheostomy patient.

2 SIMS Portex Inc. shiley tracheostomy care guide videos This series of videos is designed to help clinicians develop confidence in caring for patients with tracheostomies and to help improve patient care.

The video modules cover a wide range of topics including: an overview of our Shiley product portfolio, care recommendations, and educational Tracheostomy Care at Home This information will help you understand how to care for a person with a tracheostomy at home. It is a supplement to the teaching offered in the hospital. Soft trach holders or fabric trach ties (2). Manual ventilation (Ambu) bag.

The main goal of tracheostomy and stoma management is to provide safe and effective tracheostomy care so as to prevent airway, secretion, and stoma complications. Patients with a tracheostomy stoma should have a 6 Shiley The Shiley brand is the global marketleading line of tracheostomy solutions for clinicians around the world.

For more than 40 years, the Shiley brand has facilitated positive tracheostomy outcomes through innovative designs that simplify patient care.

Shiley Single Cannula Tracheostomy Tube: Cuffed. This tube is available in a wide variety of sizes. Carlson; LynnMcHale: AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care. Dale Medical Products, Tracheostomy Tube Holder with Exclusive Fastner Tabs. Mallinckrodt Medical; Tracheostomy Tube, Adult Home Care Guide, shiley Tracheostomy Home Shiley Tracheostomy Pediatric Homecare Guide: Shiley Tracheostomy Tubes Share this Shiley Tracheostomy Care Guide Videos [Watch Now Learn More.

Shiley Adult Tracheostomy Products [Read More Based on the Valleylab FT10 Service Manual: part number, REV Tracheostomy Tube Adult Home Care Guide. The most common reasons for performing accessories for your Shiley Tracheostomy Tube. Carefully read the Instructions For Use pamphlet included in each carton.

Manual resuscitation bag Shiley Educational Materials EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT CASE Help teach staff, patients and designed to be used with the Shiley Tracheostomy Home Care Guides. These videos provide an effective complement to instructions received in either the hospital, home or doctors office.

caution about situations that could damage your Shiley tracheostomy tube. Take a moment to review these tips and methods of tracheostomy tube care. Practice every chance you get under the guidance of your instructor. The more Manual resuscitation bag (if ordered by doctor) Portable suctioning device Tracheostomy Care and Suctioning Manual Tracheostomy Tube Ties: Tracheostomy tube ties are used to keep the trach tube in place to prevent accidental removal and to minimize movement of the trach tube.

The ties should be changed daily with trach care or as needed. They should not be moist or soiled.