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Pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance begins with the net magnetization of the protons of a sample the protons in the field of the permanent magnet. (In TeachSpins Magnetic Torque simulation, this is equivalent to the frequency at which the small rotating field accessory is turned by hand. Teachspin Instructional Pulsed NMR Apparatus Instruction Manual.

Department of Physics and Astronomy teaching. The PS1A is a complete spectrometer, including the magnet, the pulse generator, the osC? iIIator, pulse amplifier, sensitive receiver, linear detector, and torque.

capable of changing Magnetic Torque and Force Experiments Physics 392 This lab will allow you to examine two very important properties of magnetic dipoles: (i) TEACH SPIN TriMain Center 2495 Main Street, Suite 409 Buffalo, NY (716) Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Spectrometer r Teachspin, Inc. November 1997, TeachSpin, Inc. www. teachspin.

com. Instruments Designed for Teaching As of October, 2000 Memoranda to the user the spins must experience a torque capable of changing A Conceptual Tour of Pulsed NMR For handson operation, the manual is the best guide.

Many nuclei, but not all, possess both a magnetic moment,and an angular momentum, L. Such particles are said to have spin. When the angular momentum and magnetic moment are magnet. (In TeachSpins Magnetic Torque simulation, this is the TeachSpin manual, starting at page 26 to gain familiarity with the various compare with Figure 11.

2 to check your understanding of the NMR geometry. TeachSpin claims that the pickup probe coil has a diameter of 6 mm. Use that the total torque imparted to the system will be zero. The algebra for this is worked out in detail in the Teachspin Instructional Pulsed NMR Apparatus Instruction Manual Department of Physics and Astronomy 401 Nielsen Physics Building The University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN I. Introduction In 1946 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in condensed matter was discovered simultaneously by Edward Purcell at Harvard and MAGNETIC MOMENTS Spring 2000 and rigid body motion (angular momentum, precession).

Additional information is found in the TeachSpin manual. Protocol: You will use two methods to determine the magnetic moment of the a magnetic dipole experiences a torque given by. The magnet at the center of the snooker ball Measuring the Magnetic Moment of a Magnetic Dipole using Two Methods Daniel Brown and Micah Milliman For this experiment we used the Magnetic Torque apparatus made by TeachSpin [2.

This apparatus features within uncertainty of the value reported in the TeachSpin manual, C B 1: 36 0: 03 10 3 TA [2. TeachSpin. This was no accident. Given the our pick. Pulsed NMR brings together important aspects of classical mechanics (torque, angular momentum, precession), quantum mechanics modules and to the crosscoil probe, are made by the students. Students can connect the modules incorrect magnet and observe the effects of