Eaton autoshift convert to manual

Feb 08, 2015 When I got my truck with 3 pedal eaton 10 speed autoshift first thing my mechanic converted it to regular 10 speed manual. I paid 2000 for all job. The problem on these older transmission wiring issues, sensors and ecm. Automatic transmission sooner or later you will have problems, manual runs forever. Nov 27, 2010 The autoshift gearboxes have a slightly different case, internals are different too, and cannot be converted back to Manual. I found out the hard way.

You'll need a manual gearbox, different clutch, gearstick tower, and ECM reflash. There seems to be a very common misconception around that an Autoshift box is just a manual with a servo box on top. Mar 27, 2016 Before anyone tells me to just find and a truck with an autoshift, or to hire drivers that can shift trucks, i just want to state that this topic at this time is a brainstorming session.

We have made the decision that all newnewer trucks from now on will be some type of automatic autoshift. Eaton Fuller AutoShift vehicle comes to a stop, the AutoShift overrides the Manual mode and performs a shift into starting gear.

WARNING. 9 Operation LOW Mode LOW mode should be used any time you want to maximize engine braking and minimize the use of the brake pedal. For example, when driving down long Jan 31, 2014 EATONFULLER ran both auto shift and manual shift on the transmission and so internally its the same THe high low clutch has the same part numbers on both transmissions, i just looked them up. I have done a few conversions personally and on road test after the conversion i was not able to swap from the high back to low while moving in the high side.

Mar 12, 2016  An AutoShift (3 pedal) is a fairly simple conversion back to a manual. A hole needs to be put in the floor, you need to buy the" top" of the transmission (the Nov 04, 2013 Considering or have already purchased a used commercial vehicle with an AutoShift transmssion?

Freightliner Differences vs Manual Transmission Volvo 880 18 Speed Eaton Fuller Jul 09, 2006 The Fuller Eaton Auto Shift, which is a manual transmission electronically shifted. This trans requires the use of a manual clutch to start and stop.

I believe this would be the tranny in Eaton autoshift convert to manual Volvo your looking at. Nov 09, 2011 Hoxie, KS, Northwest Kansas: Looking to buy a semi and we really like the thought of a smartshift transmission.

Was told by a guy that you can convert any eaton fuller tranny over to a smartshift as long as the motor was an full electronic motor. The Eaton AutoShift operates like an automatic transmission, with the efficiency of a manual transmission. The AutoShift transmission, based on the RT Series manual transmission, is an advanced shiftbywire system that communicates with the engine.

47 Likes, 6 Comments M& M Truck Shop (@mmtruckshop) on Instagram: Eaton autoshift to manual conversion harness. All done by @mcedillojr here at @mmtruckshop# eaton My question is regarding the conversion of the current Autoshift to full manual.

Eatonfuller claims that their autoshifts are manuals with automatic shifters and can be converted back to a full manual. Dec 04, 2014  Just curious as I read in several places about people wanting to convert autoshift to full manual and who claimed they had a shop who could do it.

If anything I'd want to put autoshift on a truck. I just haul grain a bit on flat roads and not at tremendous speeds so