Lawo mc2 56 manual high school

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High School Musical in Indiana WESTFIELD, IN As students involved in an April 23 high school musical Lawo (lawo. com) came on strong with a a demonstrations of the mirroring of two of its mc2 56 consoles. Especially useful in theater applications, this allows an mc2 console to be located in the auditorium to prepare and finetune the High resolutions up to 1920x1200 are delivered using one fiber optic cable terminated in SC, replacing a previous model that used two cables to reach the same distance.

Fiber optic cabling supplies a highbandwidth method of signal extension that also eliminates EMI (electromagnetic interference). Lawo Launches Online Academy for mc2 Console Trainings posted: Lawo, German manufacturer of pioneering audio, video and control solutions, supplements its Lawo Academy training programs with a new online product training opportunity.

The new system is complemented with new highperformance subwoofers, equally controllable using Fohhn Audio Soft software, and they have also developed a new series of complementary DSPcontrolled