Weedeater featherlite manual gas oil ratio

The Oil to Gas Ratio for the Featherlite Weed Eater The Weed Eater FeatherLite FL20 is a gasolinepowered string trimmer meant for light trimming along the Mixing Gas and Oil. The correct ratio of gastooil mixture for Weed Eater line trimmers is 1 part oil to 40 parts gasoline. The best method of mixing is to start by adding 1 gallon of regular unleaded gasoline to a gas can. Then pour in a 3. 2ounce bottle of good quality, synthetic 2cycle aircooled engine oil.

Weedeater Featherlite gasoil ratio Asked Jun 4, 2007, Weedeater featherlite manual gas oil ratio 42 AM 1 Answer I have lost my manual for my Weedeater Featherlite Trimmer and want to know: What is the proper oilgas ratio? : eek: All Weed Eater brand gas trimmers require that oil be added to the gas in a ratio of 40: 1, which equals a mixture of 3.

2 ounces of twocycle aircooled engine oil to 1 U. S. gallon of 87octane regulargrade unleaded gasoline. The fueloil mixture ratio for all Weed Eater products is 40: 1. You can obtain this ratio by mixing 3. 2 oz. of two cycle air cooled engine oil with one gallon of regular gas. Over a Oct 08, 2008 Featherlite Weedeater FL1500 How do I find an operator's manual for this leafblower? Specifically, I need to know Poulan Featherlite Gas Blower, with question.

Search Fixya Need to know the gas: oil ratio for weedeater FL1500. oil at a ratio of 40: f A 40: 1 ratio is obtained by mixing 3 2 ounces (95 mI) of oil with 1 gatlon (4 liters) of unleaded gasoline. DO NOT USE automotive oil or marine oil These oils will cause engine damage. View and Download Weed Eater FeatherLite instruction manual online. Weed Eater Trimmer Instruction Manual.

FeatherLite Trimmer pdf manual download. Also for: Featherlite 25 ho sst. 2cycle aircooled engine oil designed to be mixed at a ratio of 40: 1. PoulanWeed Eater brand synthetic oil is recommended. A Weed Eater twocycle engine requires a mixture of gas and oil in the ratio of 40: 1. To obtain this ratio, one gallon of gasoline should be mixed with 3. 2 ounces of engine oil. Weed Eater recommends using regular unleaded 87 octane gasoline and two cycle oil that is made specifically for air cooled A: The ratio of gasoline to engine oil for a Homelite gas trimmer is 50 to 1.

The ratio is equal to 2. 6 fluid ounces of oil for every gallon of gasoline. The ratio is equal to 2. 6 fluid ounces of Gasoline must be mixed with a quality 2cycle aircooled engine oil designed to be mixed at a ratio of 40: 1 (2. 5) according to manual. Many people say it runs better with 50: 1(2). Many people say it runs better with 50: 1(2). Hello Nicole, the right ratio of oil to gas mixture is one part oil to forty parts gas for your Featherlite SST25 Weedeater.

The recommended way of mixing both is to begin by adding one gallon of normal leadfree gas to the gas canister. Afterward, pour in 3. 3 oz. bottle of highquality dual cycle engine oil.