Pkd buster soulfly manual

Century Soulfly. The Century Soulfly II is in a class of its own. It has deceptively high performance for a kite with such a forgiving nature. For freestylers and speed freaks, these kites inspire confidence and take you to new levels of achievement.

Buster Soulfly Pro. We are pleased to introduce the new BUSTER Soulfly PRO series. The BUSTER Soulfly PRO is a complete new 4 line design for traction beginners and intermediate flyers. It can be flown with 4line handles or on the new 4line Soulfly bar which is optional. PKD Landkite Manual PKD Buster Soulfly Pro Kites Traction Power Kites 4Line Handles Buggy Buggies Landboarding Kiteboarding Control Bar Mountainboarding Safety Gear Powerkiteshop UK Power Kite Shop Equipment Oct 22, 2015 Having just seen Weldngod's thread on his new PKD Buster Soulfly Pro on PKF, I thought I'd have a sticky at the PKD site and share it here.

Nice to see The PKD Buster Soulfly Pro is an evolutionary step forward for the legendary PKD Buster Soulfly series. This PKD Buster Soulfly Pro retains all the positive qualities of its predecessor while undergoing an upgrade of materials and components used in the construction of this legendary kite. Jun 19, 2011 here we are for the first time testing the pkd buster soulfly with very low wind.

Sep 25, 2010 New from PKD is the Buster Soulfly. The Buster Soulfly is Pkd buster soulfly manual to offer the performance of the Brooza matched with the ease of use of the Buster. Coming f PKD Buster 2. The Buster took the entry level traction kiting market by storm when it was introduced 3 years ago. Soulfly handles Download Manual. Every week we check our competitors' prices to assure you the lowest prices at Powerkiteshop. EMail:. Kite buggying and other traction kite activities can be Mar 21, 2016 PKD BUSTER SOULFLY PRO 3.

3m I picked up a new PRO version of the PKD 3. 3m Buster Soulfly while I was at WWBB. I got it from Jeff @ BIG KID KITES.