Gong fu style tea preparation manual

Jul 03, 2010  As I understand it so far, the benefit of brewing a tea like a puerh gong fu style are that different flavors infuse from the tea at different times. So infusion by infusion, you separately enjoy all the possible flavors from that tea, which get mingled and sometimes lost in a single larger infusion.

Preparation for winter my fiery The style of Gong Fu Cha which is outlined here is the modern variation on the original ancient practice which used fires for heating, large amounts of tea, long brew times, very small teapots. This method produced extremely strong teas to suit the cuisine and culture of that age. The gong fu style of brewing has been considered the traditional method of brewing tea in China, but is it deeply rooted in Chinese tea history?

A tea table set for gong fu preparation. Except that I hadnt. Oh, I had seen tea brewed in a style I now know as gong fu Jul 09, 2015  Gongfu Style and the Yixing Teapot. Posted on July 9, Yixing teapots and the Gongfu style of tea preparation go hand in hand.

Gongfu, aka Gong Fu or Kung Fu, actually means to do something with great skill, and represents a high investment in learning and practice. And while Kung Fu is often thought of in a martial arts concept Sep 09, 2009 Gaiwan Gongfu Style Tea Brewing Welcome to the eG Forums, a service of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts& Letters. my experience that steeping and consuming tea in the western manner can seem a bit" foreign" once you get a feel for Gong Fu tea preparation.

Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Wholemeal Crank Wholemeal Crank Gong fu cha method Gong fu cha simply put, means to brew tea with skill. I would add that mindfulness is also a component in our favorite way to brew tea as one needs to focus on the task at hand, which, in this case, is making and sipping ones tea. What is Gong Fu Style Tea and Why is it Special?

There are many enthusias tic tea drinkers who are already familiar with the term gong fu, believing that it denotes a form of tea preparation. This is somewhat true, and weve written a guide that explains how you too can prepare tea gong fu. But gong fu is so much more than just tea preparation. Tea pets are a delightful, if less wellknown, element of tea drinking that most often feature in gong fu tea preparation.

Made of yixing clay, tea pets (also known as tea mascots) absorb the flavour of tea because of the clays porous, unsealed nature. With the everincreasing interest in premium tea these days there has also been an increase of interest in the preparation style called gongfu or gongfu cha. This method of tea preparation has been well established for many centuries in China, where it originated.

In recent years gongfu cha has become more popular with tea enthusiasts Gong Fu Style Brewing. by ShangTea on Friday, October 11, 2013 3: 00: 00 AM Tea and Gong Fu Cha are a great facilitator of communication. This method of brewing is great to use when you have friends or family visiting because it encourages interaction, dialogue, and the building of community. Preparing Tea Gongfu Style.

The gongfu style of tea preparation is somewhat informal and very flexible in terms of actual mannerisms and particular style, but there are some commonly held principles. aftertaste, and texture of the tea as you sip. Traditionally, the tea cups used for gong fu service are very small and it is considered Gongfu Tea Brewing Method Description: Gongfu Tea Brewing became popular during Chinas Ming Dynasty about the year 1500.

The difference between using the regular Gongfu Tea Brewing Method. This is done to clean the pot and warm the pot in preparation for brewing the tea. After rinsing, the water should be poured out. The Chaozhou gongfu tea brewing style (CZGFS) probably dates back a few centuries ago, with the popularization of small pots.

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