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You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says" Subscribe to more communities" Operating Instructions ROTOFIX 32 Please enter the following details: : hereby certify that centrifuge model(s) ROTOFIX 32 is (are) manufactured in accordance with the following standards and regulations: Manual) they should employ a biosafety system.

Under this system small drips and Rotofix 32 A It is a rugged, versatile and indispensable centrifuge for routine laboratory tasks in medical practices and small hospitals as well as industrial laboratories.

But not only is the Rotofix 32 A ideally equipped for tasks in clinical chemistry, it can also play a vital role in cytology. For decades, the ROTOFIX 32 A has set the standard in daily lab routine thanks to its versatility and solid construction.

The benchtop centrifuge spins sample volumes up to 6 x 94 ml, 40 blood collection tubes or 8 x 50 ml conical tubes with a simple user interface. Hettichs cytology rotors are compatible with most existing funnelslide systems and have biocontainment lids.

634 2 Description of the centrifuge The ROTOFIX 32 is a centrifuge which is comprised of the following electrical components: ROTOFIX 32 A Benchtop Centrifuge. 2 ROTOFIX 32 A PERFORMANCE max. RCF: 4, 226 max. capacity: 4 x 100 ml max. 32 x 15 ml max.

8 slide carriers for cyto preparations The ROTOFIX 32 A is a rugged, versatile and indispensable centrifuge for routine laboratory tasks in doctors ROTOFIX 32 A Laboratory Equipment pdf manual download. The centrifuge may no longer be put into operation when the centrifuging chamber has safety related damages. With swingout rotors the trunnions must be regularly lubricated (Hettich Lubricating Grease No.

4051) in order to ensure consistent swinging out of the hangers. This operating instruction has to be used for the centrifuges bearing the following manufactoring Nos. : (the Manufacturing No. of a centrifuge can be see from it name plate) Type of centrifuge ROTOFIX 32 ROTOFIX 32 Voltage V V Article No. 1205 The ROTOFIX 32 A is a rugged, versatile centrifuge for routine laboratory tasks in doctors practices and small hospitals.

Equipped for several clinical chemistry applications including cytology. With a wide variety of accessories the HETTICH ROTOFIX 32 A APPLICATION PACKAGES The ROTOFIX 32A from Hettich is a general purpose benchtop centrifuge perfect for routine laboratory tasks. A wide selection of swingout and fixed angle rotors are available, as well as a cytology system for up to 12 slide carriers.

Operational manual for. HETTICH AG Seestrasse 204a CH8806 Bch Tel. 41 44 786 80 20 Fax 41 44 786 80 21 [email protected] ch Hettich ROTOFIX 32 AIdeal for physicians and small laboratories, The nonrefrigerated ROTOFIX 32 is the ideal benchtop centrifuge for performing daily routin