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the NT3300 is the tool WYKO NT SERIES OPTICAL PROFILERS: COMPARISON CHART Optics Veeco Instruments Inc. is a worldwide leader in metrology tools and Veecos process equipment solutions enable the manufacture of LEDs, power electronics, hard disk drives, semiconductors, MEMS and more.

Motorized, programmable, XYZ axes and a unique tiptilt head delivers easy setup for operators of any skill level. Industryleading Wyko Vision software provides over 200 builtin analyses as well as automated measurement sequences. Wyko NT3300 whitelight interferometer system is designed to profile objects (structures) by using interferometry instead of a stylus. The profiles of released MEMS structures can be measured without contacting the device, which can greatly minimize the chance of destroying the fragile structures.

(wyko) 1. 0 T i t le Wyko NT3300 Profiling System (Whitelight interferometer) Figure 1 Wyko NT3300 Profiling System 2. 0 Purpose This document has specific information about the capabilities, configuration, and proper operation of the NT3300 profiling system. The Veeco Wyko NT1100 utilizes white light interferometry for high resolution 3D surface measurements, from subnanometer roughness to millimeterhigh steps. On supersmooth or rough surfaces, the versatile NT1100 provides repeatable surface measurement for R& D, wear and failure analysis, and process control.

Operations Manual and Documentation Delivery: 46 weeks Condition: Excellent Condition Guaranteed. Fully Refurbished to Factory Specifications by our company. 6 Month Warranty and Full Specifications Guarantee. 30 Day Right of Return. VEECO WYKO NT3300 OPTICAL PROFILER consisting of: Model: NT3300 Capable of handling up to 8" 200mm wafers Non contact submicron Optical Profiler for 3D S Wyko NT9100 Optical Pro ling System 100mm XY manual stage, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

Subject: Wyko NT 9100 Optical Profiler Wykos success led to their acquisition in 1997 by Veeco Instruments Inc. (a publicly traded company), who combined the new noncontact, optical measurement products with their existing line of atomic force microscopes, Dektak surface profilers, and laser scatterometers to form the Veeco Metrology Group.