Tecan spark 10m manual

Spark 10M instrument specifications and typical performance values General specifications Parameters Characteristics Width 494 mm19. 5 in Height 395 mm15. 5 in Height (with injector carrier) 455 mm17. 9 in Cell Chips (Tecan) Disposable; 2 sample chambers per Cell Chip; 10 l sample volume Evaluation of the Spark 10Ms cell counting module performance Comparing cell counting on the Spark 10M multimode microplate reader with other approaches Comparing Tecans Spark 10M reader with manual cell counting and other imagingbased devices in similar (Device A) or higher price (Device B) categories The new Spark 10M reader is equipped with Tecan's unique Fusion Optics, which combine the benefits of filters and MCRs in a single multimode reader.

The Gain 119 (optimal) 255 (manual) Mirror 510 nm dichroic Zoptimization Calculated from well Settle time 0 ms Table 4: Parameters used for excitation and emission scans of fluorescein, reagent additions during an experiment without manual intervention. This patented feature optimizes CO 2 O 2 Spark 10M is the first instrument to offer independent, userselectable reading with Tecans unique Optimal Read (OR) function. OR ensures MultiCheck for Infinite 200 PRO series, Infinite F500, Infinite M1000 PRO and Spark 10M 20M series.

Infinite F500, Infinite M1000 PRO and Spark 10M 20M series is Tecan's allinone QC plate for its multimode readers. The MultiCheck provides tests for all basic reading modes marked in the table. QC Tools. Product Details Feb 08, 2015  No matter what your application, the Spark 10M multimode microplate reader delivers the ideal combination of advanced capabilities and exceptional easeof Find Tecan Spark 10M Forums, Questions, Troubleshooting, Discussions at LabWrench Productivity, Performance, and Flexibility Ignite the productivity in your laboratory Tecan Spark 10M Forums, Questions, Discussions and Help LabWrench Manuals and Resources.

Note: We appreciate the support of individuals and Spark 10M multimode microplate reader the need for manual intervention during an experiment. It also Spark 10M is compatible with Tecans innovative disposable Cell Chips, which minimize sample preparation, offer less manual pipetting SPARK 20M BROCHURE 03.

High performance Alpha Technology Alpha Technology comprises AlphaScreen, AphaLISA and AlphaPlex, and Tecans innovative Cell Chips minimize sample preparation, offering greater application flexibility and opening up new cell counting Read independent reviews on Spark 10M multimode microplate reader from Tecan on SelectScience Tecan US Inc.

Manual, Operating, Spark 10M Product Category: To Be Determined Detailed product specification, manufacturer Be confident in your data from automated live cellbased assays. Now its easy to keep an eye on your cells with the new Spark 10M, which includes imaging for normalizing signals, monitoring cell quality, and triggering actions.