Amel 64 owners manual

Chantiers AMEL as this is called in French (in French is a plural), is a sailing yacht manufacturer company which started business in 1968, in La Rochelle, France.

They have two yacht models to showcase, and the yard, or team, or no matter other description is as bombastic as a French can conceive it. So, [ Amel, a sailing yacht manufacturer, produces bluewater fiberglass ketches, which includes the popular 16 meter series: Meltem, Mango, Super Maramu and Amel 54.

Most Amel yachts were designed by Henri himself, who was referred to as Le capitaine. Sails are driven by electric motors (with manual overrides). Amel owners enjoy mass amounts of storage.

I am not kidding when I say this; we have an excel spreadsheet helping us remember where we have stowed stuff. We can fit more food under the flooring of our Amel than in the pantry of our house. We have two freezers and a refrigerator.

Caribbean yacht broker, Caribbean Yachts: used boats for sale in the Caribbean: Sailboats Amel Up to the launch of their new models, the 55 and 64, every Amel was largely designed by Henri Amel himself and sported features that were The late Captain Henri Amel's vision of the ideal cruising boat incorporated elegance, safety, comfort, and shorthandedsailing ease.

The new Amel 54 is a distinctive, luxurious, longlegged passagemaker of which the Captain would certainly approve. The hull of Amel 50 keeps unchanged all the structural peculiarities of its older brothers the two ketch Amel 55 and Amel 64 but thanks to a length and the lower draft can enter and stop in bays and marinas with even lower depths.

The new flagship of the Chantiers Amel line, the Amel 64, redefines personalization in a bluewatercapable cruising sailboat.