Heart lung machine hl-2070n manual

We need service manual for MaquetJostra HL20 Heart Lung machine. Can you help in this regards. thanks HeartLung Machine HL 20 Combines the complex technology needed for cardiopulmonary surgery with clear and concise handling necessary for safe and effective patient management.

Downloads heartlung machine n. an apparatus for taking over temporarily the functions of both the heart and the lungs during heart surgery. It incorporates a pump, to maintain the circulation, and equipment to oxygenate the blood. CARDIOPULMONARY BYPASS AND THE HEART LUNG MACHINE Mridula Ajit Kumar Nilanthy Balendra From the AhmansonUCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center, Los Angeles, California.

Manuscript received and accepted March 24, 2004. Address for reprints: Joseph K. Perloff, MD, AhmansonUCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center, 650 Charles E. Young Drive South, Room, CHS Box Los Angeles, California. Operators Manuals for its heart lung machines to: the systems response to an air a Alert all users of the potential for a malfunction of the air bubble detection system Reinforce the mitigation procedures in the event of a malfunction.

Century Heart Lung Machine. Through a partnership with Salyer BioMedical, Medtronic offers the Century Heart Lung Machine (HLM) to customers globally.

Heartlung machine: The emergency battery provides a fully automatic uninterruptible power supply for the entire machine system.

Charging and switching over from mains to battery operation, or vice versa, does not require any action from the operator. The whole heartlung machine, including all pumps, continues its operation without any stops. HeartLung Machine HL 20. HeartLung Machine HL 20. A complex hightech concept reduced to the essentials for the benefit of both patient and perfusionist. Questions? Ask us about HeartLung Machine HL 20. Overview. The Maquet HL 20 perfusion system is reliable, flexible and adaptable.

It combines the complex technology needed for