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Static Solutions CM1701 Guardian Plus Constant Monitor, One person, one wriststrap and one mat. Static Solutions CM1701, Guardian Plus Constant Monitor, One person, one wriststrap and one mat is available for order at a price that you can afford!

Static Solutions CM1701 ESD Constant Monitor designed to test the electrical resistance of a technician, their wrist strap, their mat and subsequent attachment to ground on an The Static Solutions CM1701 is designed to test a person, their wrist strap AND a workstation ESD mats attachment to a reliable ground source on a continual ongoing basis.

The unit is designed to work with all standard wrist straps (expensive dual phono jack wrist straps are NOT required). OhmStat CM1701 Guardian Plus Constant Monitor Static Solutions, Inc. is a proud manufacturer of static control, cleanroom, and maintenance products headquartered in Marlborough, MA, with manufacturing facilities in England.

Overview The Static Solutions OhmStat Guardian Plus Constant Monitor offers one person monitoring of a wrist strap and mat. " You are powerful! Be grounded. " Other models offer wrist strap monitoring or two person monitoring of wrist straps. Constant Monitor CM1701 110v AC supplied. Static Solutions CM1701: 8 available from 2 distributors. Explore Test Equipment on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. Home ESD Static Control Products Continuous Monitors Static Solutions Static Solutions CM1701 Constant Monitors Static Solutions CM1701 Constant Monitors SKU: SS19 The Static Solutions CM1701 OhmStat Guardian Plus Constant ESD Monitor can frequently monitor one wrist strap, one person, and one ESD mat to guarantee that the ground connections, wrist strap, and ESD mat are working properly.

Supplier of CM1701 Guardian Plus Constant ESD Monitors, esd monitors and various static control and antistatic products.